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Ceiling Grid System


  • Modularized in factory to secure the standardized quality of unification, preciseness and performance.
  • Epoxy coated to resist corrosion.
  • Light weight to ensure easy assembly and disassembly without damaging its structure.
  • High strength to bear heavy attached objects like lighting fixture or fire extinguishing devices.

Vero CeilingGrid Specification

A. T-BAR 1. 6063 aluminum extrusions with 10um anodized clear finish.
2. Max tensile strength= 1105 kg.
3. Deflection=2.38 mm when 300kg weight loading on 1m T-BAR.
B. Connectors 1. Al die-casting material
2. Epoxy Coated.
3. Integrated with fire sprinkler and cable connector.
C. System compatibility 1. Integrated with HEPA, FFU and lighting system.
2. Compatible with partition system.
3. Coordinated with AMHS system.
4. Class 1 ~ 10000 Cleanroom.


Hospital, Hi-Tech Cleanroom, Wafer fabrication, food process factory, GMP pharmaceutical factory, and any kinds of clean room

Assembling Decomposing Drawing

Assembling Decomposing Drawing

Function for Ceiling Grid

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