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- Air Care Filter Chair

Air Care Filter Chair


Keeps Waiting Area:

  • Free from air-born particles
  • Including infectious disease, microscopic dust and other allergins
  • Patented Hepa Filter keeps environment 99.99% free of unwanted contaminants.

Wide range of potential applications:

  • Medical Clinic Waiting Room
  • Hospital Admissions Area
  • Veterinary Hospital
  • Any public facility where people wait in close contact


To Prevent the spread of air-born bacterial and viral particles Efficiently controls close-contact transfer of contagious disease Reverse cycle air flow design ensures a constant fresh stream of intake air

  1. Exhaled air from patients is immediately captured and streamed into the (Hepa) filtration system (Located in the base of the appliance)
  2. Pre-filter available for high-traffic areas,(adds significant usage time to Hepa Filter cost alone)
  3. Hepa Filter standard usage term. (approx. 12 months replacement)
  4. Replacement of Hepa Filter made simple with the inclusion of a Differential Pressure Gauge and UV Lamp to prevent exposure by maintenance staff to unwanted contaminants.


Item YSA-1800 (For 3~4 Persons)
Filtration Efficiency HEPA Filter 99.99% Efficient at 0.3μm Micron Size Particles
Pre-Filter Non-Woven air filter
Capacity Standard 7 CMM. High 11 CMM
Face Velocity 0.15~0.35m/s
Noise Level 55±5DB (at 1.5m)
Material Baked Epoxy Steel
Size 1800 x 800 x 1245 (mm)
Power Consumption AC 110/200 1 PHASE 400W
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